When the Panic Button Goes Off

Photo by Mikel Manitius via Flickr (Creative Commons)

When chaos arrives on the scene panic changes everything.

Every person has a freak out mode. Rumors spin out of control. People are jumping ship. Like Jonah, there’s a moment when the sailors cast lots to figure out who angered God. Fingers are pointed. Cuss words are muttered under their breathe. Biting words aren’t far behind. Everyone is doing whatever they can to fix the situation. Yet at the same time, in the back of their minds, they don’t know if they are making things better or making things worse.

Photo by Ira Machefsky via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Some situations turn the best of us into hyenas with a bad case of fleas.

It’s one thing to steer a ship on open seas on a calm day. That’s easy and anyone can do that. But it takes a captain to calmy guide the ship into harbor on a windy day with high waves. When the crew freaks out the captain takes over.

That’s when you discover who the leader is.

One day the panic button will go off.

Chaos will appear.

And then you’ll know.





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