Run Your Moobs Off

Yes. I just went there. Seinfeld jokes never go out of style.

Moobs – Unsightly man boobies.

Forget all of that Biggest Looser emotional stuff about being fat. “I don’t want my kids to know their dad is fat. I want to live longer. I need a new strart.” Yada. Yada. Yada. That’s all just TV psychobabble to me. If it works for you, awesome. But that show just makes me hungry. I love that there is a commercial during the weigh-ins so I have time to refill my ice cream bowl.

One thing I hate about being out of shape is where all of those extra candy bars, slices of pizza, and cheeseburgers end up. The belly, the butt, and for me… my upper chest. Blech.

And since I have the kind of friends who aren’t shy about pointing out my moobs I figure it’s probably time to do something about them.

So the last couple of weeks my running mantra has been: Run your moobs off.

Sure. It’s a bit crass. And surely it’s not Oprah approved. But it’s silly and makes me giggle and work hard at the same time. Right now, I’m about halfway to my initial goal of running a 5K without stopping and with just 5 weeks to go… I have many more hours of running my moobs off to go.

No easy way out

Whether I’m around professional golfers or big-time Christian leaders– one thing has been clear: It’s not merely that they are talented. It’s that they took a little bit of talent, a golden opportunity, and out-worked all of their peers to become the best.

The same thing is available to all of us.

Some people look at successful people with jealous eyes. They think, “Surely, they just got lucky.” Probably a little bit. But they also took the good fortune of an opportunity and made something out of it. Whatever their specialty is they have worked harder and smarter than you have.


Whatever your goal is… there’s no easy option coming.

For me, right now, it’s to run this 5K. For you? I don’t know what your goal is. But I do know this one fact:

You’ll just have to run your moobs off.





3 responses to “Run Your Moobs Off”

  1. Lars Rood Avatar

    Acuff wrote a good post yesterday about being selfish and getting up at 5am to write.

    I’ve been trying to get in shape for 2 years and running just never did it for me. Now that I’m three months into my Crossfit life I love it. I have found something that is hard and I enjoy it and the results.

    And I’m selfish. Its a non negotiable for me now. I will work out 5 days a week and I’m selfish about it. One thing that I’ve done recently though which has been cool is taking my boys with me. They enjoy watching me workout and even join in.

    Keep it up

  2. Tim Avatar

    I took up running about 5 years ago and one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was “get an endurance slogan.” Mine is simply “keep moving.” It’s amazing how helpful it is to have a little phrase to repeat over and over when you’re out there feeling like death. It really will keep you going.

    Good luck!

  3. Josh Pezold Avatar

    Hilarious and brilliant. Actually inspired me. It’s sick that this inspired me lol

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