If Prayer is a Verb…

If prayer is a verb…

  • You’ll knock on the door of your enemy to say you’re sorry, even if they wronged you.
  • You’ll nail the interview because you studied up.
  • You’ll check your friend into rehab.
  • You’ll get an A on the test because you got a tutor.
  • You’ll confront your boss about the things he says to you.
  • You’ll wait for your neighbors car to pull in; you’ll walk over and talk to them about Jesus.
  • You’ll go back and find that homeless woman and learn more than just her name.

God can do anything. He’s huge and good and loves it when we seek Him. But sometimes He doesn’t answer prayer because He has already provided an active solution to your prayer request.

Never forget. Prayer is a verb. Prayer isn’t passive, it’s active.

What are you praying with your feet today?





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  1. Dave Urbanski Avatar
    Dave Urbanski

    good stuff. well said.

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