It’s been a few months now. Three or four days per week I climb out of bed a little earlier, put on my fancy running shoes, grab the leash, and go jogging with Stoney. (Our 8 year old yellow lab)

The first month or so was mostly trotting, gasping for air, and just trying to make it around the route without puking. Literally, I pushed myself too hard one morning and had to stop and sit in the grass because I almost lost it. Another morning I pushed myself too far and came home and dry heaved.

It hasn’t been pretty. It still isn’t pretty. And it will still be a long time until it is pretty. (If it ever gets pretty.)

The goal was never really weight loss. It’s always been to feel better. I didn’t like climbing 3 flights of stairs and being out of breath. Or feeling too tired to want to play at the park with my kids.

But weight loss has been part of the process, and part of the process I like. I suppose I’ve lost a few pounds. But I have a lot more to lose before I’m willing to brag about it.

No Short Cuts. No Yo Yo’s.

One of the weird things this journey has been the clash of my strategy versus the popular strategies out there.

People want quick results so they do crazy things. Everyone has a favorite extreme exercise. Or a diet. Or a killer chemical combo. Those are all short-term methods that they use to take off 15 pounds quick. (I always wonder what method they use to put it back on?)

That’s what I’m trying to avoid. I’m trying to focus not on the weight but on the habits that lead my body to feel that way. I don’t need a gym membership or a dietician or anything else but new habits. If I can go for 3-4 jogs per week, 3-4 bike rides, and eat more veggies than cheese, I’ll be just fine.

I don’t need a short-term fix. I need new habits.

Ultimately, I want slow and consistent improvement. Heck, I’ll just take slow and consistent without much improvement.

But a little is nice, too.





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