3 Books Youth Workers Need to Buy this Fall

Of all the books that are new this fall, here are three that I’m recommending you buy:


Sticky FiathSticky Faith: Everyday ideas to build lasting faith in your kids – Put together a 6-week parents discussion group with the parents in your youth group and work your way through Sticky Faith together. You don’t want to see students leave the church; parents don’t want to see that either. Kara Powell & Chap Clark put together an amazing study of 500 students and their transition from high school faith to college faith.  Sticky Faith shares their learnings plus robust ideas for helping reverse the trends their research revealed. Check out this article about Sticky Faith in yesterday’s Washington Post.

Small Groups

The Jesus Creed for StudentsThe Jesus Creed for Students – I loved Scot McKnight’s best seller The Jesus Creed. This is an excellent adaptation of that work for middle/high school small groups. Chris Folmsbee and Syler Thomas, two youth workers with years of experience, help students grasp what it means to love the Lord with everything and love their neighbors as themselves.

Youth ministry strategy

Youth Ministry on a ShoestringYouth Ministry on a Shoestring – Let’s quickly have the chuckle. Yes– it’s a bit funny that the Lars Rood works at one of the most resourced churches in the world in one of the wealthiest communities in the world. What the title doesn’t convey is a fantastically freeing strategy: How to do amazing things for no, or almost no cost. Lars’ ministry strength is creating unforgettable experiences and moments in the lives of his students and he will share with you how to do that, generally at zero cost to your youth ministry budget. The back section of the book is full of real-life examples from youth workers around the country applying the strategy.

Question: What’s your favorite new youth ministry resource?


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  1. Eric Avatar

    “Sticky Faith” is on my list. Glad to know some people are finding it worthwhile. I also liked McKnight’s “Jesus Creed”. Have to check out the discussion guide.

    I’ve been engaging with Reggie Joiner’s “Think Orange”. Some parts are good. Some parts aren’t so good. But it’s helping me imagine and brainstorm ways to do integrated family ministry.

  2. Lars Avatar

    Someone had to finally say it.  🙂  Thanks Adam. I appreciate the review and for your endorsement. 

  3. Andrew Marin Avatar
    Andrew Marin

    Every new blog post you write.


  4. kolby milton Avatar

    Thanks.  I will pick them up.  

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