Fried eggI’m fried.

The past 4 months were exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Here’s a summary of the stuff I’ve been up to.

  • We changed churches
  • I helped launched 2 businesses, mountains of paperwork and 27 trips to the bank, and hundreds of hours of “other crap.”
  • I wrapped up 3+ years of time with Youth Specialties, working like crazy to “finish strong.” (See the bullet point above, that’s a phrase I now don’t want to hear until 2025.)
  • McLane Creative launched 2-3 major sites for clients.
  • The Youth Cartel launched 3-4 major sites for clients.
  • I wrote several very important articles including the feature for the Nov/Dec edition of Immerse Journal.
  • I built new sites for McLane Creative, The Youth Cartel, my blog & Marko’s blog.
  • Started a whole slew of initiatives for The Youth Cartel
  • Put together tons and tons of proposals for The Youth Cartel & McLane Creative
  • Done initial work on the first major projects for these two businesses.
  • Found a new office.
  • Bought lots of really expensive software & hardware.
  • Gosh, I need a nap before I finish this list. There’s way more.

The last 4 months have felt like a years worth of work– most of which I was consumed by having a full-time job at YS and  trying to do the rest at night.

Normally we vacation for at least a week in the summer. But the summer of 2011 that didn’t happen.

So we’re kicking off fall 2011 with a little mini-vacation, camping in the forests above Palm Springs.

Our family has a rule that it’s not vacation if daddy brings a computer. So all of our electronics are staying home. Macbooks, iPads, Nintendo DSs… and I’m even turning off the email function on my phone. We’re disconnecting for a few days and heading for the hills to recupperate. And if this isn’t enough? We’ll do it again.

My brain is on empty. My soul is weary. And I’m the kind of tired a good nights sleep won’t fix. We need to get away… and read, rest, play… do nothing.

So that’s the deal.

Friday morning we’re packing up a big ole` pick-em-up truck (thanks Brian!). All of us. Mom, dad, Megan, Paul, Jackson, and Stoney. And we’re going to enjoy some pure California fun.





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  1. kolby milton Avatar

    You are a machine!  I will be praying that you have a great vacation!  

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