Consider it Joy!

King James Knew Trials
Oh wait, not this James. The other one knew a thing or two about turning daily trials into joy. This one was kind of the opposite.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

James 1:2-3

Twisted Life

James knew what was up. 

He knew that if you’d take walking with Jesus seriously, truly lead people, got past the fluff, and entered into the Christian life, trials would come. A life with Jesus isn’t the absence of trials.

Instead, James says to look at the trials in your life with a twisted little smile. We know how this ends, right? We know that while minute-by-minute life might stink we can look at our tough times from a Kingdom timeline and know we’ll be OK.

James doesn’t tell you to avoid trials. He says to put them in perspective because a trial is nothing but a workout for your perseverance muscle.

I Choose Joy

I’m not trial-less. Like James predicted trials indeed come my way. People who don’t really know me line up to ask, “Are you OK?” And secretly I think they want to see me squirm. They want to know that my faith is wavering because it might somehow give them permission to continue in their wobbly-kneed journey to the throne.

But I choose to take James’ advice. I choose joy. Even when it’s not rational I choose joy. Odds stacked against me? Things aren’t going to go my way? Joy is a choice and not a foregone conclusion.

It comes from inside of me. Joy flies in the face of despair, slaps it, and then gives despair a hug.

I choose joy because Joy chose me. 

Sticks-n-Stones Can Kiss My Butt

I spent a lot of Monday licking my wounds from unkind things said to me over the weekend.

Maybe I deserved it? Maybe I’ve offended some people? I can’t know why people make the choice to say something rude/sarcastic/passive-aggressive– then smile and walk away.

I think to myself, “It was good seeing you, too. Thanks for being the mouthpiece of Satan.”

You see, James helps me know that discouragement isn’t from the Lord. (Even if it comes from a fellow believer.) He says that things like this are going to come your way… but you need to choose joy through them because if you pass the test your faith will grow.

When people say nasty things to me (or about me, which is somehow supposed to be better) I am reminded of Genesis 50:20. Joseph said to his wolf-like brothers, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

I’m no Hebrew scholar but I’m pretty sure Jospeh was saying… “You sold me as a slave and told dad I was killed. I should have you killed or just let you starve! I know everything you’ve said about me… kiss my butt. I’m going to bless you despite what you deserve.

A faith-filled life isn’t the absence of trials. A faith-filled life comes when you are able to choose joy when trials come your way.

For more joy, BRING IT ON!

Here’s the truly twisted thing about this passage from James. Walking with Jesus isn’t about avoiding trials. It isn’t about operating your life in such a way that people don’t have nasty things to say about you or don’t want to take you out.

As I read the Gospels and pastoral epistles I see Jesus imploring us to live a life of boldness. Paul says in Ephesians 5 to be light in dark places. We can’t be that until we pick up our lamp and go into the dark, scary places and change things!

And changing things… walking in darkness to bring light… is going to bring about drama.

Walking with Jesus in joy is telling trials to come on with it– because trials produce joy and faithfulness!

I don’t know what’s going on in your life. But in my life? I’m choosing joy. 






5 responses to “Consider it Joy!”

  1. Jeff Goins Avatar

    Excellent. Love that thought! (I kinda wish you woulda said it aloud…) You never cease to encourage and inspire Adam. Love your heart and your voice.

  2. April Diaz Avatar
    April Diaz

    Adam – I read this post to my staff this morning because it was SO fitting!!! 🙂 Thank ya!

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      That’s really cool. Thankful that my words might encourage/recharge others. 

  3. Mike Lyons Avatar
    Mike Lyons

    “Consider it pure joy…” 

    I’ve been telling myself this for a while now.  I’ve been trying to do it, too.  Fact is, I still think my life sucks.  I don’t see a lot of good in it.  I’ve tried to do the right things, I’ve tried to be the light.  I’ve tried to ignore the hurtful words and the gossip and all the other crap people have handed to me in my life.  I try to pray and read my Bible.  I try to live with reckless obedience to God.

    Sometimes I feel like God is listening.  Sometimes I feel like God is working in my life and looking out for me.  Sometimes I feel like I’m becoming a better person through it.  Sometimes.  And sometimes I don’t.

    Adam, I enjoyed reading your post…now I just wish I could feel it.

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      Hold on Mike. Hold on. There are seasons in life (and ministry) that suck. There really is hope on the other side of it. Do you have anyone in your life that you can talk to? Let me know. I can probably connect you with someone in your area. ~ adam

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