Kick off the new year with CBEmini

I’m kind of tired of hearing how biblically illiterate teenagers are today. 

Ultimately, as spiritual leaders and parents dedicated to investing in those students, biblical illiteracy is on us. Our students don’t know the Bible because we’ve failed to teach them. (Guilty as charged) Worse yet, if students don’t have a love for God’s Word that’s reflecting on our own lack of love for the Bible.

I’m happy to be a part of something that is changing that and helping people have a brand new relationship with the Bible.

Marko and I worked with the folks at Biblica (International Bible Society) to create CBEmini.

What is CBEmini? It’s a 9 day trip through Luke-Acts using The Books of the Bible. Basically, The Books of the Bible is the New Testament laid out like a chapter book. All the words are the same but the format is a lot more simple. No columns, no footnotes, no verse numbers… just the story of Jesus and the early church as Theophilus may have read in in the first century.

CBEmini is a bit-sized version of the 8 week Community Bible Experience. Our hope is that if your students try the 9 day experience that they will want to continue. So far, in our beta testing, that’s exactly what has happened… people are continuing on because 9 days wasn’t enough. (You read that right– students want to read MORE of the Bible.)

The format is simple. You get a PDF of Luke-Acts to print and students read it. You get together as a group a few times to talk about what you’re reading in more of a book club format than a typically Bible study. (You get a leaders guide, too.) And watch what happens as student read the Bible, really, for the first time. It’s really cool. 

Over and over again we’ve heard students say… “It’s almost like I’m reading a story and not the Bible.” Or “I love reading this in the same way I read a good book… I just read until I get tired and put it down, then come back later.” Or “I never knew how good the Bible was at telling stories. Things fit together in ways I never saw before.

I’m excited about this project because I can only imagine the movement that would be created if thousands of students fell in love with God’s story in the same way the connect to Harry Potter or Twilight. It’s not that students don’t like to read. They do! This tool just helps them read the Bible in a format that they can connect to.

The best part? It’s totally free. How cool is that? 

Here’s the punchline: Go sign-up now.






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