What about daddy?

This is the best rice commercial in the history of the world.

Reminds me of this story. And I think it even sheds some illumination on the father in Luke’s story.

Yes, the son returned home. Yes, the son had done wrong.

But the father’s heart had changed, too.

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone. It doesn’t matter what pig pen you’re eating from. It doesn’t matter what bed you find yourself sleeping in. The loving-kindness of your Dad is always ready to partner with you and start over.

You might not be able to go home to your real dad. But you can always come Home.





3 responses to “What about daddy?”

  1. Jay Phillippi Avatar
    Jay Phillippi

    Guess I’m just hard hearted.  Nice but…

    And the son had done wrong?  Don’t see that.  While distant that’s hardly surprising given his father’s emotional remoteness.

  2. Angie Avatar

    Is this seriously a rice commercial???
    I’m not sure it gets me to want to go out and buy some rice!

  3. DT Avatar

    Jay, you have to understand the emphasis on filial piety in that culture. I lived through that for half my life. Thankfully, my own parents were never quite as bad, but I know plenty of people whose parents were experts at being detached but yet playing the guilt card.


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