The Power of Camp [infographic]


Click here to download a full-sized version of this graphic. This would look hot on Pinterest.

Full-disclosure: I’m not getting paid a red cent for this series. I’m doing this because I believe camp is an important element of ministering to children and teenagers in our country. I invite you to join me in donating $125 to CCCA’s Corners of the Field campaign. It’s pretty simple. For every $125 given a kid can go to camp this summer.





3 responses to “The Power of Camp [infographic]”

  1. Phillippi Avatar

    Nice graphic but from a pure marketing point of view why include the negative stats about parents and churches?  And I believe that is EXACTLY how they’ll be seen.  Sell the positives.  Just a thought.

    1. Penny Hunter Avatar
      Penny Hunter

      Many people — even those close to students and those of us who have students in our homes — don’t have a full picture of the world kids face.

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