The unstoppable force of amen

The word amen declares affirmation. I agree.

Amen is not simple.

It’s an ancient posture we’ve lost sight of. Amen is something we experience when we stand together in agreement. Living in amen isn’t the forebearance of ones own opinion so much as it’s setting ones own opinion in submission of the amen of community.

We stand in agreement. Amen. We rest in amen. We dwell in amen. The Spirit manifests Himself in amen.

You can’t actually have amen alone. It’s impossible — you cannot declare affirmation to yourself!

To reside in amen is a state of communion with Jesus and one another. Communion isn’t merely an act of taking some bread and wine and remembering Jesus life, death, and resurrection for us. Communion invites us to live in a radical, different kind of community with one another. It sets aside ourselves in the embrace of another, en masse self. The amen.

When our zip code is amen we are a different people, an unstoppable selfless force.

Morning prayer

Lord, make us a people who don’t just say amen but live amen. Amen. 

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.


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