Simple Pleasures

SAN DIEGO, CA – A 36 year old man was seen in front of his Rolando neighborhood home this morning playing in the sprinklers. Wearing only his pajamas and an ear-to-ear grin the man could be heard giggling for blocks. Neighbors reported that the man is also seen regularly walking with his dog, baby, and a woman they perceive to be his wife in the evenings. The status of the man’s mental health is unknown. 

Busted. Guilty as charged. I confess. That’s me!

There are some things in life that I label as simple pleasures. And playing in the sprinklers (er, I mean “adjusting them“) is one of them. As our little garden has expanded so has the need to water things. Almost 4 years ago I installed a simple drip watering system for a small patch of our garden in the backyard. As our garden has expanded so has the drip system. It now covers most of the backyard, delivering prescribed amounts of water to various plants all over. And this spring we decided to try to keep our grass a more socially acceptable yellow/green combo instead of the yellow/gray color we’ve accomplished in previous dry summers. And to make gardening just a little more manageable we installed fancy timers for both the front and back yard which deliver exactly 5 minutes of water to all plants simultaneously every 12 hours.

So, when the battery on the timer needed to be changed this morning and one of my spray patterns in the front was a little off… it became an opportunity to play.

Simple pleasures

  • Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening
  • Playing in the sprinklers
  • Walking the dog
  • Holding hands
  • Going to see a movie
  • Wandering through a bookstore
  • That first breath of salty air when you park by the ocean or the deep pine smell of camping in the woods
  • Custom styling the CSS and functionality of a WordPress plugin

These are some of my simple pleasures. Things that make my soul giggle. Things that, if I stop doing long enough to start being, make life a little more enjoyable.

What are your simple pleasures? (Um, keep it PG!)

Photo credit: Summertime in Pig Town by Liz Kasameyer via Flickr (Creative Commons)





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    your last one cracked me up, dude. only you.

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