3 New Products from The Youth Cartel

Our not-so-little-anymore publishing line has added three brand new products.

It’s been fun to watch each of them develop, I’m always amazed to see something go from an idea, to a proposal, to a contract, to a draft, to a manuscript, to a finished project. It’s a crazy and fun process full of late nights, prayer, learning, and triumph. 

  1. god-parties-cover-v1-3DGod Parties: Learning from Jewish Feasts and Festivals by Jeff Myers (available at The Youth Cartel store) This is a 12-lesson downloadable curriculum that covers a whole pile of feasts and festivals from the Bible. What I love about it is that it taps into the experiential learning that’s already in the Bible. I really think middle, high school, and college students would dig it. I’d even think this is a great resource for a teaching pastor for creating some illustrations that’d stick.
  2. 9780991005024-front-500Woo: Awakening Teenagers’ Desire to Follow in the Way of Jesus by Morgan Schmidt (available at The Youth Cartel store and at Amazon for both the paperback book and Kindle version.) I really love this book. Not only does Morgan have incredible, church-changing, things to say about how to minister to adolescents… she’s also a fantastic writer. Her ability to both teach the reader and draw you into her story is incredible. Yup, I know she’s a first-time author you’ve probably not heard of. But you’ll be glad you took the risk on Woo.
  3. Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.24.38 AMViva by The Youth Cartel (available at The Youth Cartel store on the first of every month) Viva is an experimental idea for us, something we’ve been talking about doing for almost a year and are launching on March 1st. On the first of each month, we are launching 4-weeks of downloadable curriculum that’s intended to be easy to use and particularly Cartel-y in content. You can buy a single topical lesson for $1.99, spend 10 minutes reading it, 10 minutes preparing… and you should be good to go.

Question: Knowing that we’re a tiny little Cartel, how can you help us spread the word about these? 






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