Tammy is REAL!

In case you didn’t know, Tammy, is our first daughter. She was born a few years before Megan was born. She was a rotten apple and one day, while on a road trip, she was kicking the back of Kristen’s seat and wouldn’t stop… so I pulled over the car and left her on the side of the highway.

That’s the story we told our kids, anyway. 

Read the original Tammy story here

I’m not going to claim Tammy’s story was a great parenting moment. But I do think there’s value in a strong family fable… even if it’s a cautionary tale. So while a fictional daughter who we left on the side of the road might be a tad bit psychological damaging to our children: She’s still part of our family and we’re excited that Hollywood is telling her story.

Now. Where’s my book deal? Where’s my residuals? 

She’s my fictional daughter and I have the right to exploit her story for my personal gain however I’d like. 

[All jokes aside. Does anyone know where this story came from? It’s crazy coincidental. My real kids would greatly benefit if I could prove that Hollywood ripped off my story.]







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