Fast and Slow at the Same Time

May 20th, 2004.

Eleven years ago. A long time ago and just like yesterday.

When your kids are born people say, “Blink, and they’ll be grown.” It’s easy to look back and say that. But sometimes each moment, hour, day, week, month grinds on into oblivion.

Time is a funny thing, kids can’t grow up fast enough and parents just want to hold on.







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  1. Steffen Eckart Avatar

    This is so true. Our son is already 9 years old and we cherish each day with him. In our globalized world as parents we are faced with the possibility of our kids living far from us once they set out on their own. With this in mind, creating lasting memories takes on some urgency which I feel daily.

    Many thanks for all you do with this blog and best wishes from Tokyo.

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