Summer’s Last Stand

It’s hard to believe…

  • Paul starts 7th grade next week.
  • Megan has orientation in a couple weeks for high school.
  • Jackson starts pre-school at the same time.
  • And in a lot of the country people are already starting school, football practice, marching band, all of that.

Summer flew by leaving a contrail of good memories.

But I’m still holding onto summer… 

  • In San Diego our warmest months are still ahead. The ocean water will continue to get warmer until late October.
  • I’ve not been to a football game yet so it’s still summer.
  • My fall travel stuff doesn’t start until mid-September.
  • We have countless evening dog walks, morning surf fishing sessions, and afternoons at the bay left before the weather turns. (As if it every really turns here…)

And we’ve done summer right!

  • We had a great family vacation.
  • We’ve played in the bay.
  • We’ve played a ton of board games.
  • We’ve shared dinner nearly every night around the table.
  • Kristen and I have been good about sneaking away for an evening walk in the neighborhood or along the waterfront more nights than not.
  • We’ve hiked and biked and kayaked and swam and seen a lot of sunsets.

Summer’s Last Stand

All this to say that before fall stuff cranks up I’ve got a lot of summer left to take in. Here’s what my next few days entails:

  • Thursday morning – Kayak fishing in La Jolla for calico and maybe get lucky on a yellowtail, home by noon.
  • Saturday – Sunday – Overnight offshore fishing trip with Paul, celebrating his birthday by hopefully catching our first tuna! Leave Saturday night and return home Sunday night.
  • Monday – Inshore fishing trip with a bunch of guys from church, hoping to get a group of teenagers on their first big fish.

All of those fishing dates schmooshed together accidentally– but I’m not complaining. It’s as if this summer has dug in, putting up it’s defenses against the onslaught of Fall and all the busyness that comes with it.

Summer will be defeated. It’s inevitable. But the last stand will be epic. 








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