Why I Wrote Tuning In

“So, why did you write this book?”

Here’s two things you need to know right off the bat.

      1. I didn’t write Tuning In for money. Over the past 2-3 years I’ve had opportunities to publish a book like this with other publishers. Meaning, I’d get paid a chunk of money up front and if it sells well I’d get a royalty along the way. But, in a real sense, I’m not making any money directly on Tuning In as it belongs to The Youth Cartel. “But you’re a partner in that, so…” Yep, that’s true. And you know what that means? It actually cost us, as a company, money to publish the book. Quite literally I didn’t write the book to make money.
      2. I didn’t write Tuning In for recognition. If you download the sample chapter you’ll see right in the first story that recognition as a “social media expert” is not my goal in life.

Instead, here are two of my top reasons for writing Tuning In:

  1. I wrote Tuning In to help you. The core content of my last book, A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media, is taught far and wide. Tuning In flowed out of taking that content to hundreds of speaking engagements and listening while I spoke– both to what people were saying and to myself. As teenagers and parents came to hear me speak and asked great questions during Q & A I started to hear how technology at large (bigger than social media) was changing dynamics in marriages and families. That much was obvious. But, to my surprise, technology was changing things within each of us. The smartphone has become an oddly intimate partner, one we feel like we can’t live without. And since we don’t know how to feel about this intimate relationship with a device we have a tendency to abuse it. Tuning In, and the free companion Technology Tune Up, is about helping you re-orient the relationship you have with technology, re-integrating it in a way that will help your walk with Jesus, your relationship with loved ones, and more importantly yourself.
  2. I wrote Tuning In to help “us.” (Christian adults and teenagers) Overwhelmingly, the Christian narrative about social media and technology is negative. Likewise, our Christian witness while utilizing technologies like social media is often lacking direction or positive outcomes. Tuning In is not a dystopian or negative work. In fact, by looking back at Christian history I present a new, sharply positive and hopeful narrative that will help Christians better understand and navigate the world we live in.

Pre-Order or Download a Sample of Tuning In

You can read the full description, check out the table of contents, download a sample, or pre-order Tuning In here.

It releases April 12th, 2017.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.

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