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  • When press releases attack

    (see the full-size version of this image) In my morning stroll of Google News about teenagers I picked up on this story. On Google News it was just plain text. But when I clicked the link to bookmark it… well, you can imagine my surprise! Clearly, it was a press release sent around in hopes…

  • A party video for my Windows loving literalists

    Shake that.

  • Holiday story telling rules

    There’s a pretty good chance you’ll be visiting people in the next week or so. This video is totally helpful. I’ve found that eye brows up and a little head bob lets the storyteller that you have a better story and to kindly shut up. I’ve also noticed that looking at your phone is the…

  • BREAKING: Santa to Cut Back Production in 2011

    PRESS RELEASE For immediate release NORTH POLE – Citing rising energy costs and increased demands for high tech goods, Santa Claus is forecasting a 13% reduction in the number of gifts distributed to the world’s children on December 25th. The 10 year average gift-per-child (GPC) is 5.2, in 2011 Santa Claus will reduce the average to 4.52.…

  • Lamborghini + Tree = LamboChristmasTreenini

    MY CAPTION: What do you mean I’m fired? I thought you said, “Put my lamborghini under a Christmas tree?” [face + palm] What’s your caption?  ht to Dirk up in Eagle Rock for the picture… it was windy up in LA last night.

  • Boogity boogity boogity AMEN

    ht to Danny via Facebook

  • An Ode to the Pancreas

    Preamble My buddy Marko is in the hospital with a bout of pancreatitis. He wasn’t feeling well when we went to the Padres game on Tuesday night and was admitted to the hospital Wednesday. I tried to convince him that the only possible cure would be eating hotdogs, handfuls of peanuts, and drinking over-priced beer. But…

  • David’s Secret Weapon

    This makes me giggle. You can vote for this to become a t-shirt at Threadless. ht to Likecool  

  • It’s the Dad Life

    HT to Jerry Hi5 to Church on the Move

  • Big Willie Medley – A Capella

    Two thoughts: There’s going to be a whole pile of Google inbound links on this title thinking Big Willie was either Willie Nelson or something far more gross to Google. Ladies, look closely. No wedding ring. ht to Likecool