Don’t forget the yeast

A couple years back I was watching a cooking show on Netflix that talked about making sourdough breads. (Among other things) And in section of the show talking about making sourdoughs breads I learned something really interesting: You don’t need a sourdough starter… you can make your own. My interest was peaked. Really? I thought…… Continue reading Don’t forget the yeast

Success, Defined

Success is the result of doing the right thing for a long time. Me Sometimes, rarely, success happens by accident. But for the rest of us, success is the byproduct of what we do, how we do it, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and lots of listening. Success is not the goal.…… Continue reading Success, Defined

Gone to the Dogs

Over the past couple of years we’ve slowly become dog sitters. Technically, Kristen has become a dog sitter and I’ve become the dog sitting administrator handling invoicing, accounting, and marketing. (Not that dissimilar a role I play at The Youth Cartel, now that I wrote it out like that.) Dog sitting started very casually. Neighbors…… Continue reading Gone to the Dogs

Here’s why I’m a NO on Prop 10 on the California ballot

Continuing my trip through the California ballot, here’s why I am NO on Prop 10: There’s a reason rent control is used as an example of bad ideas in every economics class, it’s a bad idea. Controlling the price and supply of something just raises prices because it artificially inflates demand. (Anyone who has ever…… Continue reading Here’s why I’m a NO on Prop 10 on the California ballot