My Life is Like a Garden

[I just spent 4 hours in the garden this morning. It’s helped me get over the Aztec loss last night. At least a little.) My life is like my garden. Like with vegetables. Sometimes success is easy. (Cherry tomatoes, zucchini) Sometimes it’s hard. (Habanero) Sometimes things fail. (My lettuce was bitter and bolted to seed…… Continue reading My Life is Like a Garden

What are you thankful for?

So far, 2016 has been a survival year. Broken bones, Zika, break-ins, bullet holes, school drama, the works! And with all the external chaos it feels like 2016 is coming in for a hard landing. So, friends, I’m asking… what are you thankful for in 2016? Inspire me.

Raising Up Generalists

In the summer of 1994 I shared a dorm room at Moody Bible Institute with a former Olympic Sprinter from Liberia. I believe his name was Samuel. I was barely 18 years old, living on my own for the first time, and he was in his 30s, a married man trying to save money to…… Continue reading Raising Up Generalists

What You Learn From Looking

This weekend I’m in Chicago. I’m here for the Vertical Conference just a few blocks away. A thousand young adults crammed into a former Masonic Temple now Christian Church, connecting with God, and– no doubt– eager to hear the wisdom of a middle-aged man about how to live as a Christian on the internet. Yes, I’m…… Continue reading What You Learn From Looking

What’s your stress ball?

There’s no reason to sugar coat it. The past few weeks have been full of stress. On top of a normally busy season, work-wise, there have a been a few unexpected curve balls thrown my way. I’m OK. I’m going to be fine. In fact, none of the things causing additional stress are actually bad. So don’t freak out…… Continue reading What’s your stress ball?

Finding the Freedom to Dream

I find that some people cannot dream about “what’s possible” because they have layer after layer excuses to peal away before they can truly dream about “what’s possible.” With these layers their dreams are too small. Without these layers they find fulfillment.  As a result, usually their dreams are not only unfulfilled… they are unidentified. The image…… Continue reading Finding the Freedom to Dream

Saying Goodbye to Man’s Best Friend

Maybe I’m just sentimental? And maybe I’m having a hard time recognizing that our beloved dog is getting older? But this video got me all misty-eyed. How have you said goodbye to a favorite pet?