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  • We need a heat wave!

    This weekend is Romeo’s annual community Easter Egg hunt. (see video of last years event) This is put on by Romeo Parks & Rec department and has become a favorite of my kids. They only thing that they like doing as much is the first high school football game when they have a big party […]

  • MainStreet is back tonight!

    It seems like a huge layoff for the MainStreet gang. (Since Christmas Eve) But we are back at it tonight with a great event. During the layoff we’ve gotten an opportunity to do a few things that will help us in the Spring run. Rest! Reorganize! Re-prioritize! Renewed enthusiasm! Rest. We needed it. Pulling MainStreet […]

  • K Games Promo

  • A brand new

    It took several month to say this, but has a brand new look. This was the first project that the church has ever sent out to a web designer and I think it turned out awesome. Matt Adams, that guy is great to work with. If you ever need a WordPress theme totally custom […]

  • KidsTown Sign

    So, check this out. This is side B of our exterior sign at the church. (Other side is “big church”) This is a revision… so feel free to give me feedback on it. p.s. If you haven’t checked out the KidsTown site lately, it’s got a fresh new look. p.p.s. So does the church […]

  • Paul’s Thougts of Christmas

    Paul is 4. He is mostly into Power Rangers and otherwise lives in his own pretend world of karate chops, animals, adventures, and other play things. And while Paul rarely looks like he is paying attention in KidsTown he really learns a lot. Here are some things we talked about this morning: When the advent […]

  • December MainStreet Promo

    This is a whole lot different than I typically do for MainStreet. Thoughts?

  • MainStreet Love

    Last night’s MainStreet rocked. I’ll say it again… "The process is scary but the product is great." Going into the night I was convinced that it was going to be a disaster, but I was horribly wrong. It may have been our best yet. The thing I like most about it was that the game […]

  • 30 days for 90 minutes

    That’s what it takes to pull of a MainStreet. It takes about 30 days of resting, creating, evaluating, tweaking, practicing, imagining, motivating, managing, designing, dreaming, and promoting the next MainStreet. Tonight was MainStreet. It was a good one. But here’s the thing… the next one is already just around the corner. The question isn’t, "How […]

  • MainStreet: October Promo Video

    Hard to believe that MainStreet is only a couple days away. Tonight I finalized a very odd little commercial. If you don’t find it funny, just relax knowing that it’s funny to me. p.s. I fixed the type-o… it won’t appear in church but I don’t want to resubmit it to YouTube.