Paul’s Thougts of Christmas

PaulPaul is 4. He is mostly into Power Rangers and otherwise lives in his own pretend world of karate chops, animals, adventures, and other play things. And while Paul rarely looks like he is paying attention in KidsTown he really learns a lot.

Here are some things we talked about this morning:

  • When the advent calendar is over, it’s Christmas.
  • Christmas is about someone’s birthday, but not Santa’s.
  • Santa is just pretend, but Jesus is “for real.”
  • Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.
  • Why do we get presents on Jesus’ birthday? “I don’t know.” (He’s right, it makes no sense!)






2 responses to “Paul’s Thougts of Christmas”

  1. Kim Avatar

    I love kids! How funny!

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    You told your kids that Santa wasn’t real? But aren’t you going to ruin their childhood?

    BTW, I am just kidding.

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