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  • Christmas Eve Service

    Christmas Eve Service

  • Christmas happiness

    The five McLane’s had a very simple Christmas day.  Everyone slept in so we didn’t get out of bed until about 7. A huge treat! As excited as the kids were to open presents they were polite and orderly about the whole thing. It took Jackson exactly one gift to figure out what this was […]

  • BREAKING: Santa to Cut Back Production in 2011

    PRESS RELEASE For immediate release NORTH POLE – Citing rising energy costs and increased demands for high tech goods, Santa Claus is forecasting a 13% reduction in the number of gifts distributed to the world’s children on December 25th. The 10 year average gift-per-child (GPC) is 5.2, in 2011 Santa Claus will reduce the average to 4.52. […]

  • Understanding Advent in 2 Minutes

    ht to Bob Carlton

  • Good News idea: Ring that bell

    Pretty soon you’ll start hearing a familiar Christmas jingle. No, I don’t mean the annoying Christmas muzak you’ll hear at the grocery store. I mean the jingle of the bell ringer outside. If you’ve rushed by the red kettle as quickly as possible your whole life, maybe you don’t know that it’s a fundraiser for […]

  • Final thoughts on canceling church

    My post last Sunday about megachurches (and their copycat little brothers) canceling services the day after Christmas generated a massive response. Apparently, there were a lot of people who also felt it was a smidge ridiculous that in America we found an excuse to take a Sunday off while those in other parts of the […]

  • Megachurches canceling services today?

    Last night my friend Gavin Richardson posted an interesting quandary on Twitter. To paraphrase, “Why is it that in some parts of the world people die trying to go to church while here in the states megachurches are canceling services because they did a big service Christmas eve?” Here was my response, “Easy. It’s a […]

  • Nativity, Defined

    Nativity – the process whereby someone becomes a native. Christmas is one of the most confusing holiday’s on the planet. It’s half religious and half a celebration of solstice. The secular vs. religious scales have tipped back and forth over millennia. That’s a historically accurate tension. If you are feeling it this year. Welcome. You […]

  • Tammy’s Christmas Present

    Tammy, our fictional daughter, has once again earned a lump of coal as her Christmas present. This is all she is getting on December 25th. You can tell her now. She’s firmly earned it with yet another year of bad behavior. Such a brat! Megan and Paul, ever reminded of their elder sisters sinful life, […]

  • Avoid the Dog House

    Good thing I saw this. I was going to get Kristen a Dyson. ht to Tic Long