Tammy’s Christmas Present

Tammy McLane's Christmas Present: A lump of coal
Christmas, 2010

Tammy, our fictional daughter, has once again earned a lump of coal as her Christmas present. This is all she is getting on December 25th. You can tell her now. She’s firmly earned it with yet another year of bad behavior. Such a brat!

Megan and Paul, ever reminded of their elder sisters sinful life, have asked that Kristen and I extend grace to the little hellion and give her a full allotment of presents. To which we replied that we have– this year her coal has a red bow.

Some children believe in Santa Claus. Ours believe that once upon a time an elder sister made mom and dad so angry on a road trip that they pulled over and left her on the side of the highway.

At least our fable has an idol threat attached to it.






3 responses to “Tammy’s Christmas Present”

  1. Barb Brinker Avatar
    Barb Brinker

    Let me be the first to give you this number for you kids 1-800-pychologist. LOL

  2. Paul Avatar

    So you better be good, for goodness sake.

  3. Erik Williams Avatar
    Erik Williams

    Haha. I just posted a blog on parenting…maybe I should add this to our list.


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