Good News idea: Ring that bell

Pretty soon you’ll start hearing a familiar Christmas jingle. No, I don’t mean the annoying Christmas muzak you’ll hear at the grocery store. I mean the jingle of the bell ringer outside.

If you’ve rushed by the red kettle as quickly as possible your whole life, maybe you don’t know that it’s a fundraiser for the Salvation Army. Simply put the Salvation Army is a denomination (of sorts) built upon the idea that the Gospel of Jesus isn’t just for people who are accustomed/comfortable going to church. For more than 149 years the Salvation Army has ministered to the destitute, hungry, and homeless.

In other words, the Salvation Army does the work of bringing Good News to those who most need it 365 days per year.  They are there every day for the homeless among us. They are there when disaster strikes. They are there when the hurts are bad. And they are there to help heal painful addictions.

Here’s a challenge. From Thanksgiving to Christmas you will see these Salvation Army bell ringers outside of malls, grocery stores, and department stores all over.

Don’t pass a single one. Every time you go in a store with a bell ringer outside drop in a quarter or a dollar. If you have your kids with you, give them the money to put in the kettle so they can start to see the connection between your money and what you do with your money for good.

But wait? That might cost me a lot of money? 

Yup, make a choice. You want to save that quarter or dollar– don’t go shopping. 

Think of it as a toll. To get into that store you have to donate to the poor. Are you up for the challenge?

Don’t just wish good tiding of joy. Be good tidings of joy. 





7 responses to “Good News idea: Ring that bell”

  1. Marko Avatar

    and, hey, take a shift and ring the bell!

  2. Joe Watkins Avatar

    I immediately imagined what it would be like to plan to take money for the bell-ringers every time you go out. It seems like a very “sticky” tradition to start so that every time our family goes out at Christmas we stop and make sure we have some money for work of the Salvation Army. Rather than rushing by – perhaps now can all rush to the aid of our brothers and sisters. 

    On a side note, have you seen any information on how the rise in internet sales might have negatively impacted the number of donations? Just curious.

    Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      I did see that. I liked that the Salvation Army now has “virtual kettles” you can add to websites. I’d love to see or iTunes be brave enough to add it. 

  3. Ben Patterson Avatar

    This post is a game changer for me. Thanks for the challenge!

  4. Rob Reardon Avatar

    Great thoughts! Thanks for the plug. Here’s a link to the online red kettle:

  5. Sharonbaptistevaldez Avatar

    Does this tell you anything about the length of time we, The Salvation Army, have been dealing successfully with social issues in our communities?  WONDERFUL

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