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  • Christmas Lists

    It is December 12th. Less than two weeks until Christmas and I don’t think a single gift has been purchased. Not a little one, not a big one. It’s not that the kids don’t have lists… it’s that Kristen and I are avoiding their lists. A couple years ago we decided we wanted Christmas to […]

  • If Santa were a Calvinist

    If Santa were a Calvinist, we’d all be on the naughty list! For non-church folks, here is a link to help you understand the Calvinism joke. [Total depravity] Seeing that we now go to a Presbyterian church, this seemed to fit right in. HT to Paul R. for the idea

  • 7 days til Christmas

    With less than a week until the big day, there’s much still to do. We have the staff Christmas party tonight, the Light Force party tomorrow night, a small group party Friday night, a killer service on Sunday, and MainStreet on Monday. (We’re actually still trying to squeeze a family party in there somewhere with […]

  • Paul’s Thougts of Christmas

    Paul is 4. He is mostly into Power Rangers and otherwise lives in his own pretend world of karate chops, animals, adventures, and other play things. And while Paul rarely looks like he is paying attention in KidsTown he really learns a lot. Here are some things we talked about this morning: When the advent […]