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  • GIVEAWAY: As for Me and My [Crazy] House

    What is it… It’s a book by my friend Brian Berry. Brian has been in youth ministry for 20 years. Literally, his kids know no other life than being the youth pastor’s kids. Speaking of kids– Brian has 5 of them! My kids LOVE going over to their house and seeing them at church. Somehow […]

  • Children’s Book Idea: The Martyrs of Jesus

    I’m an idea guy. And one thing I’ve learned over the years is that every one of my ideas has value. That doesn’t mean every idea is a good idea. It just means that every idea is worth writing down and coming back to later. Several months ago I had this thought, “Wouldn’t it be […]

  • We need non-digital adventure

    A couple weekends ago I told Megan and Paul to get in the car, we were going on a secret adventure. Anticipation in the car was high. Were we going for ice cream? Was dad taking us to a movie? Were we going to buy new video games? All were possibilities. But none were realities. […]

  • Climbing Trees

    One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to climb trees. From first grade to sixth grade the most consistent place you’d find me (When I disappeared, which was all the time!) would likely be up in a tree. Until fourth grade it was all about hanging out with friends (literally) and […]

  • Stop reading books!

    No seriously. Books are great. Reading is fundamental. I’m all about practical resources and history and stories that carry you away to far away lands. But lets not get to the point where we stop thinking creatively about resourcing ourselves. Or acting in a way worthy of a historian writing about us. Or living a […]

  • A Unique Opportunity at NYWC

    Bragging for a second. This is also my first Final Cut project. With all the video stuff we’re doing at work, I want to learn some new skills and be Ian’s back-up. He was really patience in showing me the basics of Final Cut the other day. I was happy to get about 90% of […]

  • Get a Mystery Box, Will Ya?

    Go here to learn more about the project. Here’s a fun back story that I didn’t share on the blog or the video. Ian [YS’s media guru] and I went down to City Heights to shoot this piece last Tuesday night. I hadn’t met Christopher before, but Ian knew him from the shoot he did […]

  • Megan is a reader

    Megan having fun Originally uploaded by mclanea My oldest daughter, Megan, is just like her mommy. Besides being endlessly sassy, sarcastic, and competitive… Megan is a hard core learner. Her latest weakness is reading long chapter books. We will send her to bed at 8:30, but she’ll stay up super late enraptured by her latest […]