Stop reading books!

No seriously.

Books are great. Reading is fundamental. I’m all about practical resources and history and stories that carry you away to far away lands.

But lets not get to the point where we stop thinking creatively about resourcing ourselves. Or acting in a way worthy of a historian writing about us. Or living a life that is a fantastic story which carries us to far away lands.

You don’t change the world by sitting on a couch and reading a book. Change is an action.

Don’t use books as a way to wuss out.

Think for yourself.

Act for yourself.

You can create.

Put the books down and get outside– live a story-worthy life.

Inspiration is one thing. Inaction is unforgiveable.


2 responses to “Stop reading books!”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Hear, hear! Great post…

  2. Greg Stier Avatar

    I agree. I love Spurgeon’s quote to his preacher boys, “Gentlemen do something, do something, do something. When every one else is in a committee meeting do something. Our goal gentlemen is not to talk about saving souls but to do it and that for the glory of God.” Or, that’s how I remember the quote anyway. I’m not going to take time to look it up because I got to do something!

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