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  • Help Rebuild Haiti Through the Local Church

    I came home two weeks ago from Haiti. And almost every day I’ve talked with a church leader with one simple question: I know about the devastation in Haiti, but if I went to Haiti what could my church actually do? Starting next week, there will be a unique opportunity to partner– very practically— with […]

  • Greater things…

    I think the visuals of this version of the song, coupled with the history of Northern Ireland… really adds the significance and desperation needed for this song. Greater things are needed in the city. For those of us in ministry, the real question this song brings to the forefront is one of priorities. Will 2010 […]

  • 6 What Ifs for My Friends in Ministry

    What if the model we do church is wrong? What if the way the Bible describes the church in Acts and the pastoral epistles is really the way Jesus expects the church to be run? What if it isn’t about programs? What if it isn’t about buildings? What if it isn’t about drawing a paycheck […]

  • Americans Love to Hate Winners

    We have a fascination with the little guy. Foundational to American storytelling is the little guy overcoming adversity to make it big. Americans love happy endings. The movie credits roll when Rocky raises his fists to the sky. Or when the young lawyer wins the big case against the mean corporation. Or when the nerdy […]

  • Win a Google Wave Invite

    Win a Google Wave Invite

    Tonight the Google gods waved their magic wand and granted my wish by inviting me to the first group of beta testers for Google Wave. (See the video above.) Included in my account was the ability to invite a few people. I have to be honest, I don’t see what all of the hype is […]

  • Moody: It’s time to wake up

    I’m aghast at the reality that my alma mater continues to stray from its stated mission and goal. Here’s a quote from its website: Moody is driven by the belief that people committed to living and declaring the Word of God can actually change the world. Beginning with our founder, D.L. Moody, generations of Christ-followers […]

  • 3 Positive Effects of Recession on the Church

    Nearly every day I encounter someone who tells me their churches budget was cut, people at their church are about to lose their jobs, or otherwise their church is encountering hard financial times. That’s not purely a bad thing. Here are three positive things that a lack of money bring to a church. 1. A […]

  • Still Crazy After All These Years

    Yes, I am a Paul Simon fan. I can’t explain it, other than the fact that my mom introduced me to him as a high school kid and I listened to the album The Concert in the Park nearly every day when I lived in Germany. This particular song has always made me think. Here […]

  • Facebook Morphs Blogging Again

    Blogging, by very nature, is a fluid art. Just a few years ago I thought I was pretty slick because I could journal on my computer using Microsoft Word. Flash forward a few years, to around 2000, and I learned that I could take those Word documents and convert them to webpages. It was cumbersome […]

  • Does the church love my child?

    This video is from the blog of Andrew Marin. If you haven’t read his book, Love is an Orientation… shame on you!