Bill Clinton is Like Moses

For months there have been efforts to release two journalists arrested in North Korea. They were there to document the humanitarian nightmare that is North Korea when they were picked up and detained. One can assume that the United States has tried for months to secure their release. The two journalists likely found themselves used…… Continue reading Bill Clinton is Like Moses

Adam’s Giddy Little Girl Moment

Today we released segment one of two that I shot with David Crowder in Pittsburgh. Not much makes me star struck in this world. But doing this podcast episode with David Crowder made me all giggly. Seriously, it was kind of sick how excited I was. Next to meeting a U.S. President for a discussion…… Continue reading Adam’s Giddy Little Girl Moment

President Bush is the Man

OK, so I’ve firmly established that I am writing GW Bush in as my vote in November. Patti pointed this out to me over at the NBC Olympic site, you’ll probably be seeing this on Jon Stewart for sure on Monday. Quick reminder about why we love the President. He’s all dude. The kind of…… Continue reading President Bush is the Man