Adam’s Giddy Little Girl Moment

Today we released segment one of two that I shot with David Crowder in Pittsburgh.

Not much makes me star struck in this world. But doing this podcast episode with David Crowder made me all giggly. Seriously, it was kind of sick how excited I was. Next to meeting a U.S. President for a discussion on politics or playing eighteen holes at Pebble Beach with Tiger Woods or doing a follow-up SNL skit with Adam Sandler where we sang a duet of Red Hooded Sweatshirt… I don’t think I could have been as nervous about meeting someone as I was in meeting Mr. Crowder.

Of course, it was not worth being nervous about. He was very cool and easy to talk to. And I felt appropriately silly for being so excited. On top of that, the shoot happened so spontaneously and was so short that it wasn’t worth being giddy about after all.

So, there’s my confession. I’m human and I get excited about meeting people I admire. Mock me. I can handle it.


3 responses to “Adam’s Giddy Little Girl Moment”

  1. Cathy Avatar

    Consider yourself mocked.

  2. Gman Avatar

    You mean you weren’t that way with Amy Grant? (LOL)

  3. Brit Windel Avatar

    Ginny Olson’s little chat is awesome. A very interesting concept on Theology of Geography. I love it. thanks for sharing..

    and yes I too love me some Crowder and that was some great advice indeed 🙂
    thanks for all you do

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