Tag: Barack Obama

  • The Obama-Mobile Gets Jacked

    This cracked me up. Can you imagine the conversation in the back of the limo when the presidential limo gets stuck. I hope they laughed!

  • A Widow’s Perspective on Memorial Day

    For more, I believe President Obama captures the essence and heart of Memorial Day quite well in this piece.

  • Barack Takes Leno to School

    Whatever side of the aisle you hang out on, this was pretty funny. Love that our president doesn’t take himself too seriously.

  • Let’s deal with the Obama conspiracy theory

    For once in my life I actually agree with Bill Maher. In a July 31st Op-Ed piece with the  L.A. Times, Bill reminds readers why we need to stop the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Obviously, Bill’s who schtick is to hate all things conservative republican and conservative…

  • This made me laugh so hard I cried

    Seriously, there are still tears in my eyes. Amazing.

  • Adam’s Giddy Little Girl Moment

    Today we released segment one of two that I shot with David Crowder in Pittsburgh. Not much makes me star struck in this world. But doing this podcast episode with David Crowder made me all giggly. Seriously, it was kind of sick how excited I was. Next to meeting a U.S. President for a discussion…

  • Paris Hilton is Totally Ready to Lead

    Looks like we’ve got another candidate to check out. And she claims she is hot. Is that with one “t” or two? See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die True confession. I forgot to vote in the local primaries yesterday. Oops. I guess since I don’t plan on voting here in November it…

  • The Evangelical Swing Vote

    This is essentially what I’ve been saying since February 2007. Evangelicals will be split by age in 08. Younger ones are more concerned about social issues and will go for Obama. Older ones will stay with the republican ticket even though they don’t like McCain. What’s your prediction? Don’t forget. I’m voting for Bush! HT…

  • History Maker

    Last night Barack Obama became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. If that’s news to you this morning, please nudge Dick Cheney awake and come out of the cave to the real world.  This isn’t a post about politics. This is a reminder of who we are in Christ. All over the news this…

  • The Real American Idol

    I know everyone is wondering who will win tonight on American Idol. Will it be David Cook or David Archuleta? But the contest that has been keeping me up late on Tuesday’s isn’t the pop music drama, it’s the political “idol.” With just a few votes left to be cast, the media is sucking in…