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  • Providing Practical Help in Haiti

    The hope for Haiti’s future lies in the churches ability to recognize and empower leaders as they emerge. On my first trip to Haiti I got to see this first hand. As we built relationships with key church leaders we began to gain access to some of their best and brightest leaders. I met John […]

  • Why I went back to Haiti

    Thanks again to Katie from Adventures in Missions for making the time to produce this video. Why am I passionate about connecting North American churches to ministry opportunities in Haiti? Well, you’ll see it goes both ways. You give a lot and get a lot. In the long term, I long to see more of […]

  • Apocalypse Now – Life and Theology in Haiti

    24 hours into my second trip to Haiti and I started crafting this phrase: Theology and culture always co-mingle. You just hope that theology and culture never conspire against the goals of the church. In America: Theology and culture conspire to destroy the church through our belief in the American Dream and pursuit of happiness. […]

  • How to Lose 8 Pounds in One Week!

    Go to Haiti and serve people. No seriously. I lost 8 pounds in 6 days in Haiti! What the what? I can attribute the weight loss to a few factors. Activity: We walked everywhere. I was constantly playing soccer with the kids. Even though we all took a siesta from 12:30-2:30 every day to avoid […]

  • Soccer in Tent Cities

    We were very encouraged to find a decent soccer field and some team practicing. We came back the next day and played a U18 group. It was fun to play… while we had some valiant plays we eventually got creamed. I will let you know that both Joel and I scored goals though. His was […]

  • Kristen Dances in Public for the First Time

    OK, so in order to really appreciate this video you need to know that Kristen has no moves whatsoever. She loves music. She actually likes to dance and clap to music. But the poor woman… well, she has no beat. And this has long held her back from sharing her dance-worthy moments with the general […]

  • You Never Let Go

    Saturday afternoon most of the team pealed off to go to do VBS and I just felt like I needed to make one more little trip to the Sons of God orphanage. I wasn’t sure why. It was just in me and I needed to do it. So I did. As we made our way […]

  • Signs of hope in Haiti

    I think the open questions in everyones mind boil down to this. 1. Are we (outside visitors, aid workers, missionaries) making a difference in Haiti? 2. Are there any signs that there is a hope for the future of Haiti? To answer that, I thought I’d just share some observations from my week that I […]

  • I am as stubburn as a mule

    OK, I’m that guy. It’s unexplainable and completely a fault in my personality. But I can be as stubborn as an ox and as tactful as a vuvuzela in a movie theater. It’s one of those things where an asset is also a liability. If you know me, you know this well. (sorry) It’s happened […]

  • The Kingdom of God is a Place Where Orphans Dance

    Those were the words of my friend and teammate, Mark Helsel. Our team was overwhelmed today as we joined in the craziness of an orphanage running in the backyard of a doctor turned pastor. Today we got a glimpse of an amazing ministry here in Carffuer, the Sons of God orphanage. What is it? Well, […]