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  • Paris Hilton is Totally Ready to Lead

    Looks like we’ve got another candidate to check out. And she claims she is hot. Is that with one “t” or two? See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die True confession. I forgot to vote in the local primaries yesterday. Oops. I guess since I don’t plan on voting here in November it […]

  • The Evangelical Swing Vote

    This is essentially what I’ve been saying since February 2007. Evangelicals will be split by age in 08. Younger ones are more concerned about social issues and will go for Obama. Older ones will stay with the republican ticket even though they don’t like McCain. What’s your prediction? Don’t forget. I’m voting for Bush! HT […]

  • The Evangelical Swing

    With just a few months left until the general election the talking heads are busy hypothesizing about minutia. Of course the truth is that both the McCain and Obama campaigns are largely on hiatus. They are fund raising and building networks while Americans enjoy the summer. I think the media is doing their best to […]

  • Political Promises

    The last weekend prior to the Indiana and North Carolina primaries have been particularly ridiculous. It seems that the new strategy of both the Clinton and Obama campaign has been to out-promise one another. It reminds me of 5th grade as people ran for student council. “If elected, I will give new uniforms to the […]

  • Websites of the Candidates: Who is Winning?

    Back in January I wrote this: The winner of the 2008 election will be the candidate who captivates the American people‚Äôs attention with ideas, uses the internet the best, and can prove that they can/will lead the American people. As someone who sees the power of the internet on a daily basis, my opinion is […]