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  • Dispatch from Neverland

    Dispatch from Neverland

    The heat has finally broken here in Mariposa County. I’ll be the first to admit that I had no understanding just how hot it was going to get here from early July until late August. It was the kind of heat where you wake up thinking it won’t be too bad but by 2 o’clock…

  • DIY Sun-Dried Tomatoes

    As I mentioned last week, our garden severely over-produced yellow cherry tomatoes, leading to the great tomato apocalpyse of 2010. With more than 5 lbs of tomatoes and no one willing to eat them in sight, we decided to get creative about preserving them. Here’s how we made sun-dried tomatoes. Step 1: Prepare the place…

  • Garden Awesomeness

    Adolescent watermelon, originally uploaded by mclanea. There’s lots of fun stuff happening in our garden. Watermelon are coming in strong. And we’re hoping to pick a big batch of jalapeño this weekend. Right behind that are a whole heap of eggplant. Our little garden experiment is going quite well. Thanks to all who encourage us.

  • What’s growing in the garden?

    Our backyard organic garden experiment started about 6 months ago. Way back in January we had no idea that by July we would have a wide variety of vegetables. But the picture above shows what our normal biweekly harvest now looks like. On top of that,  herbs, summer squash, eggplant, jalapeño, and the occasional strawberry.…

  • The harvest is coming!

    Yellow tomatoes, originally uploaded by mclanea. Yesterday Paul and I were doing our daily look through the garden. He leaned in and yelled, “Daddy, check this out! We’ve got lots of tomatoes!” In just a couple of weeks all of our summer garden plants will mature and start producing produce. We can’t wait!

  • Our Garden on KPBS website

    Our little backyard garden got some love from the KPBS website today. You know… we are garden celebrities now. 25% of our food in 2010 will come from our own garden or organically produced sources. That’s the goal. Anyone know where I can buy a Snickers tree?

  • The Future of Food

    Tonight I watched the film above, The Future of Food. You can watch the whole thing, for free, on Hulu. (Or here on my blog if you so chose) You can learn more about how corporations are trying to run [ruin] the food supply at The Future of Food website. Another great movie covering more…

  • Going Green-ish

    One of our family goals this year was to make some changes to how we consumed the world’s resources. Some of it is a desire to live more simply and some of it is just a realization that the stuff our little family does, when added up with millions of other families, really impacts our…

  • Youth Group vs. Youth Ministry

    Youth Group vs. Youth Ministry

    Last night I sat around a table with some people to talk about youth ministry in our church. As I’ve mentioned a number of  times, our church is in a working class neighborhood of San Diego. We are a community of people with tangible needs. There is real poverty. Real educational problems. Real family trouble.…