Can political conservatives re-emerge?

I spent some time this week reading political news and listening to political news from the conservative perspective. (Not much else to do when living in a hospital room other than catch up on news!) While many of my views could be characterized as conservative, I struggle because the language of conservative politics is almost…… Continue reading Can political conservatives re-emerge?


The longer I walk with Jesus the more complicated my life seems to get. Kids, ministry, job, dreams, bills, skills, personality flaws, responsibilities… the list is endless. Life is complicated. Scary. Confusing. Worrysome. At the same time, the longer I live the more simple the application of God’s Word gets. When things seem really complex…… Continue reading L’agenda

Jimmy McMillan for Governor

First, the clips from the New York debate. Then, the song from his website. Again, he’s for real. Then, this brilliant remix. I don’t know. He’s got a point. I hope he gets some votes. p.s. Sorry about the curse word. But the rent is just too high.