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  • A rant on discipleship

    A few week’s back Joel Mayward asked if I’d participate in his blog series on discipleship. He asked some great questions and really got my mind churning, plus I was in one of those pre-lunch moods. Here’s a taste of what ended up being a holy rant on the topic. What is discipleship?  I’d like […]

  • Why youth ministry can’t just become family ministry

    Why youth ministry can’t just become family ministry

    There’s a growing movement within the American church that puts youth ministry under the umbrella of family ministry. There are youth ministry organizations, publishers, conferences, and lots and lots of people highly interested in this model. To over-simplify: The idea is that youth ministry should be an extension of the over all family ministry of […]

  • Making the Bible Accessible

    “The Bible isn’t for people outside of the church to understand. So it isn’t your place to make the Gospel accessible.“ That may be the dumbest quote I’ve ever heard in relation to using sound missiological principles to reach a dead and dying people group. And yet, this quote apparently came from the mouths of […]

  • C.S. Lewis is to Christians What…

    C.S. Lewis is to Christians what McDonalds is to American children. C.S. Lewis is to Christians what beer pong is to college students. C.S. Lewis is to Christians what Dave Ramsey is to those who suck with money. I first heard of C.S. Lewis in 6th grade. Lori, the girl who sat behind me and […]

  • Church Leaders Love Status Quo

    Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a link to a blog post by John Ortberg, a very successful author and pastor in the Bay Area of California. The blog post is titled, “Stop Trying to Change the World” and is aimed at people like me and you. Ultimately, we’re not the ones in the […]

  • Picky, Picky

    Apparently contentment is not a Christian virtue anymore. If you hang out with Christians for any length of time, you’d think pickiness is a requirement of the faith. “I really wasn’t into the message on Sunday. I mean, 95% of it was cool… but he said something about fathers I didn’t agree with. So I tuned […]

  • Church vs. Government

    Have you noticed that a lot of Christians are exhibiting a hatred for our government? I just don’t get it. For those who are mad about the latest government program… (yesterday it was social security, today it is health care, tomorrow it will be something else.) Just some friendly reminders Anger isn’t the answer, it […]

  • My blogging process

    Posting something almost daily at adammclane.com is a challenge. So I thought it’d be fun to write about that process. Perhaps this will provide an insight into my daily life or maybe it’ll even help someone figure out a new process for them? Three main sources of my daily post I wake up and have […]

  • The Goal of the Staffless Church

    Which came first? The staff who ran the programs or the programs which required the hiring of staff? No offense to my friends who work at churches– but I wonder if their goal is to secure a job for life or to work themselves out of a job as quickly as possible? When I read […]

  • So, you want to be great?

    “I aspire greatness with my life.” When I say that, almost universally people’s head will cock just a little bit to the side. American society, especially American Christian society, is so self-deprecating that you almost never hear a grown man say that. The truth is I am shocked how few people aspire greatness with their […]