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  • Attend Romeo? Take our survey!

    One of my side project is something we’re calling “The Invite Project.” (In other words, it doesn’t have a fancy name.) Basically, the church leadership is trying to learn how the people who attend our church feel our outreach efforts are going. Are we doing too much? Are we not doing enough? Are we trying […]

  • Romeo Elves: Paint the Rock

  • Romeo Elves: Paint the rock teaser

    Since Patti told me I was being a tease about the next elf video, I thought I’d post a little taste test. The final video has a time-lapse premise. I wonder how the peeps over at the church marketing labs would like our elf videos? Probably not snobby enough for them.

  • Elf HQ

    Jimmy and I are off to shoot 2 more elf videos for services this weekend. If we have time there will even be some bonus commercials available online only. The whole point of these is two fold… Enjoy them! Seeing church staff dressed like elves should be fun. Share them! The reason we’re doing all […]

  • First Two Elf Videos

    This is for today’s service at Romeo And this is for Married Life this coming weekend All told, I have 5 original videos in today’s service. I think that’s a record.

  • The Elves Are Coming

    Apparently the people of Romeo have never seen grown men dressed like elves before. Until today. As Jimmy and I were stopping to take pictures and waving in their cars and generally enjoying the sight. I have to say Jimmy looked pretty good as an elf. Let’s just say I have a lot of junk […]

  • December message series: Closer

    This week launches a new sermon series at Romeo. With it we’re launching new imagery, new music, a bulletin redesign, and this video… all goes along with a very cool message series. The general idea is, at the core, the gospel message. That we are born seperate from God and that God’s sending of Immanuel […]

  • Welcome Jimmy and Ashley

    For the last few weeks I’ve had a hard time biting my tongue as I couldn’t wait for Jimmy and Ashley to get started at Romeo. Well, today was the day. There are a lot of things I like about Jimmy and Ashley. It goes without saying that Jimmy is a very talented worship leader. […]