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  • School Choice Matters

    School Choice Matters

    For families living in the City of San Diego, today marks the opening for the School Choice application. Here’s why school choice matters, especially for the poor.

  • 10 Ways Your Church Can Be Good News to Public Schools

    I have a fervent belief that if we want to reach a post-Christian society, we have to be Good News before someone will listen to Good News. I asked some teachers, “How could a local church be Good News to your public school?” Here are 10 of their ideas. Create a team that participates at […]

  • The New Four Spiritual Laws

    In 1965, Bill Bright wrote the tract Four Spiritual Laws. It’s hard for us to believe this, but in its day it was a powerful and releavant tool for explaining the Gospel to people. In an America in where religious education was part of the public school education, it was based on a presupposition that […]

  • Fix what is broken

    I’m always a bit surprised when I encounter something that is obviously broken that hasn’t been fixed. For instance. I went into a small bookstore. While I was there I noticed a steady stream of customers who walk into the shop, take two looks around, and walk out. The two people working there continued doing […]

  • Back to School Day!

    For our kids, today is the first day back to school from winter break. Since they are on a year-round schedule their last day was December 19th. Kristen and I are especially thankful for our flexible work situations. I have the opportunity to work from home at least a day per week and so does […]

  • Excited about 2009

    As far as years go 2008 has been a crazy one. The year started off with me gasping for air between rounds of Kidstown events and ended with a long time of rest and reflection after moving our family across the country and launching myself in a new direction. To quote Mike Yaconelli, “What a […]

  • Checking in with Megan and Paul

    School has been in session for a couple weeks now, here’s how they are doing. Megan loves her teacher. And who wouldn’t? Her teacher is very cool… even if I can never remember her name. Of course, she is doing great. The first spelling test she got 25 of 25 words correct. (Only one in […]

  • First Day of School

    It’s safe to say the kids are jacked up and ready to go for their first day of school. Megan came out of her loft this morning wearing her school uniform and Paul came out of their bedroom carrying his backpack and lunch box. It’s quite a change from Amanda Moore in Romeo. First of […]