Checking in with Megan and Paul

School has been in session for a couple weeks now, here’s how they are doing.

Megan loves her teacher. And who wouldn’t? Her teacher is very cool… even if I can never remember her name. Of course, she is doing great. The first spelling test she got 25 of 25 words correct. (Only one in her class.) She’s your typical first born as she always has to be the best. The school also has some rewards built in that she is hooked on. There are behavior rewards and she has 7… she claims this is more than anyone else in 2nd grade. They have a regular assembly and she is shooting to have her name called. They also have a physical fitness reward. For every 20 laps you run before school starts you get a necklace. She got her first one yesterday. We’ve not heard about her having any good friends yet, so we keep praying for that. Yet she is like her mom/dad, not the easiest person to let her guard down enough to get close to.

Paul is also loving his teacher, Mrs. Cohen. Each day Paul tells me all about his day. What he did, what he learned, what was for lunch, and what he did at each of his 3 recesses. (All day kindergarten) Paul is learning all about letters and math and other cool things. His teacher has picked up on his baby talk, so we think Paul’s going to get hooked up with a little speach therepy. (Got the eval coming, trying not to freak out about the “special ed label” to that.) Paul’s a lot like me in kindergarten… it’s all heavenly. Last night before bed Paul asked what day today was. When we told him it would be Wednesday in the morning and he had a full day of school he raised his hands above his head and ran off to bed, “I can’t wait!” I will remind him of that moment in 12 years.

Kristen and I really like Darnall. First of all, it’s in our neighborhood and we’re all about getting to know people in the neighborhood. Second, it’s a charter school. I’m digging that we’re not deeply involved in the corruption and crappy politics of Romeo. And the uniform thing… it’s so not a big deal to them now that school started.

Long story short, the kids are settling in and the learning has begun for this year. Praise God for a smooth transition.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.


  1. my child is in special ed, in fact, she is retarded. she has a 4 year old brain in a 10 year old body. i remember when we first really accepted it, it tore us to shreds. just the idea of it.

    i understand how you feel. you’re not alone.

  2. thanks renee. i think its going to be ok, he has a huge vocabulary… just doesn’t pronounce a lot of letters well. Hopefully the therapy will help him learn how to say everything the right way.

    Thanks for knowing how that initial freak out moment feels. In my head I know its really no big deal at all, but my heart wasn’t happy at that moment.

    Now that you’re mobile we so need to get together. 🙂

  3. Jacki was in speech classes too. Yeah, she was labeled for a while, but she got through it. Now she is normal. Well…for the most part 😉

  4. I’m glad to hear the kids are doing well and love their teachers. Tell Paul that I had to take speech classes when I was in lower elementary too.

  5. Just for the record mom feels that speech classes are a great idea. Paul doesn’t even know what “special ed” means. I’d rather have his speech corrected now at five years old than have it be an issue later in life. Plus the teachers have been very discreet with Paul and delicate with how they handled the evaluation. All Paul knows is that a really nice lady came to help him decorate his gingerbread cookie during class (aka – the speech therapist).

  6. I totally agree about the speech thing, Kristen! I was going to tell you not to worry about a little speech therapy. I have students in my class (10 yr) olds, that I have been told previously had some serious speech issues (and received therapy) and I was shocked, because I noticed nothing unusual.
    He’s a pretty quick kid- he’ll do great! Glad to hear your kids love it!!! If only they had that much enthusiasm in 5th grade! =)

  7. Yeah, I’m not really concerned about it. It was the initial shock of having Kristen fill out an application for special education… you know, like Renee mentioned, it was a tough thing to swallow.

    And like a lot of you guys mentioned… with a little therapy it’s probably something he’ll not struggle with much. I was reminded that my kindergarten teacher thought I may be dyslexic… turns out I was just left handed!

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