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  • The Youth Pastors House

    Yesterday, I was riding my bike to the trolley when I spotted this beauty. While the saran wrapping of the cars is very well done, the TP job leaves a lot to be desired. My first thought? Hey, I wonder what church this person works at? Of all the church staff, the one thing that […]

  • How do we get to Youth Ministry 3.0?

    I’ve been wrestling with the concepts of Marko’s book, Youth Ministry 3.0 for a long time. Actually, before I worked a YS I had been going through a prolonged set of discussions at Romeo saying in a thousand different ways… What I’m doing isn’t working anymore. The problem was simple. I was trained and experienced […]

  • Don’t play horse with this kid

    This brings back some memories. When we took students to Chicago for a mission trip with ICI, we had endless gym time to practice all sorts of trick shots. Something tells me this guy was unstoppable at horse. Now I just need a video with extreme carpetball shots and we’d be all set. Since we’re […]

  • Lies of Youth Ministry, Part One

    Boys and girls in youth ministry we’ve got some problems. We in youth ministry, as a tribe, believe some lies about who we are, what we’re about, and how we should be reaching students. Let’s address these and move forward to fix them, OK? #1 Your ministry is “successful” if you have 10% of Sunday […]

  • Youth Ministry & Risk

    I’ve been thinking about successful youth groups vs. unsuccessful youth groups. And truth be told the exact same thought holds true for churches. Successful youth groups takes measured, bold risks. Unsuccessful youth groups take few risks. Successful youth groups generate excitement both internally and externally. Unsuccessful youth groups are boring. Successful youth groups have a […]

  • 10 Things I Did While My Friends Were in Florida

    I mentioned this project earlier today, here is the video. I think it turned out pretty funny. What do you think?

  • Off to Shoot a Movie

    Today I’m hanging out with my favorite peeps, the cast and crew from Light Force. We’re going to conceptualize, shoot, edit, and release a movie today. It’s called “10 Things I Did While My Friends Were in Florida.” We’ll be driving all over the Metro area shooting all sorts of weird things. I can’t wait […]

  • Mercy: Some practical theology here

    Last night at Light Force small groups we talked about the difference between mercy and grace. Grace = Getting something you don’t deserve. Mercy = Not getting something you deserve. I could see the students wrestling with this. Here are students completely covered in both. They have parents who bathe them in both on a […]