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  • 2 New Books Releasing Mid-August from The Youth Cartel

    Lately, I’ve been buried in the design and production of three brand new books from The Youth Cartel. This pushes our active catalog to 8 titles and we’ve got a lot more really exciting things coming pretty soon.  Practically speaking, that means that I’ve been heavily involved in designing covers, layout, setting them up to […]

  • Speaking & Training Opportunities

    This year I’ve ramped up the amount of speaking, training, and consulting that I’m doing with organizations, churches, and individuals.  Not to sound cheesy– but it’s fun seeing how God mashes up my skills and passions to help people practically. And not to sound self-promotional– but this is my blog and I don’t know any […]

  • The Early Bird Deadline for the Campference is June 30th

    Let’s hang out at the Campference. Yes, there will be skeet shooting. Middle school pastors and shotguns. A perfect combo.

  • Open Updates

    Open is a series of open-source styled events that we do at The Youth Cartel. We shamelessly favor regional trainers, basically turning the normal youth ministry training event upside down. No one gets paid, all of the speakers notes (sometimes audio) are shared on the website, the process for becoming a speaker is open, and […]

  • The Summit 2013

    Lots of news from The Summit this morning. New video (above) New website First 13 presenters announced And registration opens with a couple sweet deals. (Yes! You can bring your senior pastor for under a buck!) After months of work I’m itching for some feedback. What do you think about any one of those four […]

  • Getting Lenty With It

    I’m not sure what 1990’s Will Smith and Lent have to do with one another, but with two brand new Lenten based Cartel products, I’m feeling all Lenty.

  • How Dreams Come True

    If chasing dreams is the folly of youth I want to be forever young.  I’m chasing some dreams right now. I’m unashamed about it. For too long I sat on them, taking little action in their pursuit or even allowing myself the mental capacity to dream about these dreams. Perhaps I was convinced they weren’t […]

  • Ready for Boston

    In a week we’ll be underway with Open Boston. 18 presenters are taking the risk with us. About 100 folks have signed up to come… we’re really hoping another 50-100 take the leap this week. (For Open Seattle we went from 60-130 in the week prior to the event.) Together we see the value in […]

  • Running an Online Store: A Family Business

    We’ve got a little sale going at The Youth Cartel store, having fun with this fiscal cliff silliness in the news. If you’ve seen stuff that we’re doing and wanted to check it out, this is a great time to do that while saving a little money. Discounts start when you buy $20 in stuff. And […]

  • The Year of the Book

    2012 will be remembered around the McLane house as, the year of the book.  First, I partnered with Jon to write Good News in the Neighborhood which came out in May. Then I partnered with Marko to write A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media which arrived yesterday. If those two projects were bookend, starting a publishing line […]