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  • My 2014 book covers

    My 2014 book covers

    One of the fun parts about starting a publishing line within The Youth Cartel has been figuring out how the heck to make a book. Before joining Marko in this start-up I’d never owned InDesign, barely knew how to use Illustrator, and was still a novice at Photoshop. And I had a Kindle… but making…

  • The Whirlwind Weekend that was The Summit

    The Whirlwind Weekend that was The Summit

    Wheels down in San Diego at 3:00 PM Pacific time. Three minutes later, like a well oiled machine, Kristen pulled up in front of the airport at our designated meet-up spot, she slid to the passenger seat while I opened the back of our minivan, then got in the drivers seat. Exhale busy season. Inhale a…

  • Early Bird Deadline for The Summit

    Early Bird Deadline for The Summit

    Just a quick reminder to my friends in youth ministry… today is the deadline to register for The Summit for as little as $129. [button link=”” color=”silver”]REGISTER HERE[/button] [hr] In related Cartel news… We’re sending 3 brand new books to the printer tomorrow. (Good Lord, willing) We’ve got a pre-release deal going on all of…

  • Four Hours of Summit Videos

    Four Hours of Summit Videos

    Go ahead and melt your brain for the next four hours with these Summit videos. Go back-to-back 19 times. Amazing stuff. Today we are announcing the first round of speakers for The Summit 2014 in Nashville. We’ve also extended the event to 2 full days at no additional cost. (We used to charge $40 for…

  • 3 New Products from The Youth Cartel

    3 New Products from The Youth Cartel

    Our not-so-little-anymore publishing line has added three brand new products. It’s been fun to watch each of them develop, I’m always amazed to see something go from an idea, to a proposal, to a contract, to a draft, to a manuscript, to a finished project. It’s a crazy and fun process full of late nights,…

  • The Making of a Book Cover

    The Making of a Book Cover

    One of the crazy things about starting The Youth Cartel line of products has been, for me, learning how to make a book a book. Prior to starting our product line I’d never made anything for print. Sure, I’d designed stuff. But it was always for the web. Designing for print is a different beast…

  • You’re subscribed to YouTube You Can Use, right?

    You’re subscribed to YouTube You Can Use, right?

    Each week I produce a short, free resource called YouTube You Can Use. It’s kind of self-explanatory what it is. It’s a short YouTube clip, a devotional thought, and some discussion questions. You can use it however you want… but here is a short list of how I’m hearing it’s used around the country:

  • Kindle Sale at the Cartel

    Just a quick PSA before Kristen and I disappear to Joshua Tree for a couple of days. Amazon is having a little sale with Cartel books on the Kindle. Each of our 6 titles on Kindle are $.99 each.

  • Hey Cartel. How are we doing?

    Marko and I are spending the next two days together at a little offsite retreat in Carlsbad. Believe it or not, it’s taken about 6 months to get this on the calendar. We’ve needed to do it but just been too busy. Heck, we’re not in the same place for 2 days very often without…

  • 10 Awesome Things to Do With $20

    Today is the early bird deadline for The Summit. After today the price goes up by a whopping $20. But hey, $20 is $20. $20 is easy to blow, isn’t it? I’ve always had this mental image that I can hold a $20 bill and not spend it. But as soon as I break that…