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Paris? As in France?

As I write this, Kristen is on her way to meet me in New York so we can continue on to Paris, France (for Open Paris) and St. Andrews, Scotland. (to visit friends) That’s as weird a sentence to write as it likely is for readers to read.  It’s Always a Big Deal This year […]

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How can a pastor help families with social media?

How can a pastor help families with social media?

“How can I help families with social media?” I think this is something that lots and lots of churches are wondering. While culture is ever-morphing and hard to understand– the way people are communicating and integrating technology into their lives is big/obvious and churches feel the need to offer help. The flip side is that […]

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Invoking the P Word


So let’s just call this thing what it is. Christian persecution. Right here in the good ‘ole USA. Right here in the Lone Star State. It’s happening all over the world. We just aren’t used to dealing with it in our own backyards. But the tide has turned. I have no doubt it is only […]

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200,000 More Reasons to Delete Snapchat

200,000 More Reasons to Delete Snapchat

‘The Snappening': Hackers access 200,000 Snapchat accounts — NY Daily News Snapchat nude photos, videos reportedly leaked online– CNET Links to Photos Said to Be Stolen From Snapchat Users Flood Message Boards – New York Times Since news of this broke on Friday I’ve received at least 50 texts, emails, and other messages about it. […]

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Speaking Opportunities for 2015


With the latest round of social media leaks making waves today, this time impacting Snapchat users, I’m in the odd place of looking like an Old Testament prophet. I’m not a prophet. I simply applied long-standing principles of social media to the current wave of ephemeral apps popular today. And here’s the deal: I love to share those […]

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