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Tammy is REAL!


In case you didn’t know, Tammy, is our first daughter. She was born a few years before Megan was born. She was a rotten apple and one day, while on a road trip, she was kicking the back of Kristen’s seat and wouldn’t stop… so I pulled over the car and left her on the […]

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5 Simple Pleasures I am Digging Right Now


I like big and fancy things as much as the next person. But sometimes it’s the little things in life that just rock. Here are five simple pleasures I’m digging right now. Evening walks with my lady friend. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what happened good or bad during the day. But a nice long walk with […]

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You Need a Personal Philosophy of Recreation

Philosophy of Recreation

We use words all the time that we’ve not thought about the meaning, intent of the word itself. And my experience over the past 2 weeks of vacation proved something to me afresh: A lot of people have no idea what recreation means… they don’t have a personal understanding or philosophy of recreation.  Recreation - activity […]

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Be Less Careful

Be Less Careful

“Be careful.”  I say this to my kids all the time. I cringe a little each time I say it. And yet I can’t stop myself. It just happens. Paul jumps up on a banister to slide down 30 feet with concrete in every direction. Be careful! Jackson chases after his 6-year old cousin at Glacier […]

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Can You Vacate?


Vacation – the state of vacating. The suffix turns the verb vacate into a process, state, or condition. The verb vacate comes from the Latin vac?tus, past participle of vac?re, to be empty.  About 8 months ago I read an article by Tim Maurer about his justification of a 10-day vacation instead of a 7 day vacation. Here are his points, all of which hit […]

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