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Give it some gas


In high school I drove a hoopty, a 1978 Ford LTD Station Wagon. It was a tank. And I think it literally had the engine of a tank. Every morning I stopped on the way to school to get $5 in gas. And on Friday’s I got $5 in gas and a quart of 10W40. […]

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Why are we investing in Open?


This weekend was our first Open event of the season, Open Denver. In two weeks I’ll go up to Vancouver. Then in late October we’re hosting two Open events on the same weekend, one in Seattle and the other in Paris. (Both cities have towers as their landmark, I’ll let you guess which one Kristen […]

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The Day That Changed Us


Back in college I had to read this book for a class called, “Turning Points.” If you went to an evangelical school you might have had to read it to. While it’s a book about church history the central idea of the text is that the author looks at the history of the Christian church […]

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Dog Strollers and Other Dumb Stuff

Dog Strollers and Other Dumb Stuff

There is a woman boarding the plane with a stroller for her dog. Really? — Efrem Smith via Facebook Have you seen dog strollers? It’s a thing. Check out this search on Amazon. There are dog strollers with hundreds of 4 and 5 star ratings. I see them at Lake Murray. There’s a path that’s […]

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College Football Thoughts – Week 3

College Football - The Adam Report

Well, here we are. Heading into week 3 we’re starting to get clarity on who teams are and aren’t. The narratives will start to shift from new coaches and new players to the core of the schedule. Now we will discover who has depth, who has heart, and who will make it to the playoff. […]

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