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Parenting in an Online World


A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to record a podcast with Rhett Smith, a friend, Texas therapist, long-time youth worker. His book, The Anxious Christian, has been extremely helpful in our home, helping us understand the role anxiety plays within ourselves and our kids. In this extended interview Rhett brought out many good […]

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What Haiti Taught Me About Nepal


Tony Jones wrote this: A standard issue in theodicy has been an attempt to protect the sovereignty of God. Consider that theological shorthand for the omni’s: omnipotence, omniscence, and omnipresence. Combine that with God’s benevolence and immutability, and you’ve got a divine being who’s a lot closer to Plato’s Nous than to Moses’ Yahweh. What if, instead, God […]

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An Ecosystem for Success


Why are some organizations so successful while others try really hard but never seem to get there? Or, when something successful does come along, why doesn’t it last? Why do successful people leave? These are big, important conversations for every organization. Every organization. Your local bank, taco shop, church, school, and even– maybe oddly– sole […]

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