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Hopecasting by Mark Oestreicher


My partner in crime at the Cartel has a new book coming out. He has something like 70 titles in the youth ministry genre, been the general editor of a couple Bible projects, and is the general editor of our Cartel publishing line. But this is Marko’s very first general audience Christian book. So it stands […]

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From Monica to Snapchat


Whipser, Secret, Yik Yak, Snapchat, Burnbook, et al.  These are apps low on the “get it” list for adults. We look at them and wonder… “Why would I want that?” And it goes back to a fundamental difference between why teenagers use social media and why adults use social media. Adults use social media to […]

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Our Fictional Lives

Our Fictional Lives

Airports are libraries. Sitting at a table eating overpriced Chili’s chips and making small talk. Walking from gate to gate with coworkers. Starting a shift at the TSA. Sorting bags. Each day thousands of stories check-in and checkout from the airport. But unlike your neighborhood library all of the books on the shelves at the airport are fiction. […]

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Kristen and the LA Marathon


On Sunday, I had the chance to witness Kristen in run the LA Marathon. It. was. awesome.  The Road to LA After completing her 5th Half Marathon last spring she started thinking about LA. A marathon is intimidating. A 5k or half had become pretty manageable for her. One builds on the next, you know […]

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