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11 Medicinal Properties of Cranberry

The Medicinal Cranberry

Discovered in 1427 by Cardinal Joseph Cran, the cranberry is useful for many things. It is delicious. It is tasty. It is tart. It is good mixed with various other fruits. It floats. It is from heaven. It’s amazing canned shape invites my gobbling. It’s juice keeps away urinary tract infections. Cranberries are magical. But they are […]

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The Economy of Fear is Alive and Well


In December 2007 I wrote: For every cultural phenomenon, there is an equal and fear-based Christian equivalent. Harry Potter is “bad” (according to some) so let’s make some money by publishing books telling people how bad Harry Potter is! Christian pundit James Dobson has made a lot of money with his catch phrases “an attack on […]

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Movie Reviews that Don’t Suck

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.28.38 AM

I don’t pretend to know much about film or movies. Fundamentally, I’m far too cheap to go to the movies very often. A few weeks ago Paul and I went to see The Martian while on our trip to Seattle: Two tickets: $25.60 Parking: $6 Seeing The Martian with my son: Priceless NO. It was […]

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The Incarnation and Networked publics


A couple weeks back I went to the Association of Youth Ministry Educators annual conference, affectionately known as AYME. I was there as an exhibitor for the Cartel. But since the topic of this years conference was Technology and Transformation I got to attend as a learner, as well. (How awesome that they had a […]

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The Second Act


Sebastian Marroquin Sebastian Marroquin is the son of one of the world’s most notorious criminals, Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar. At the height of his powers Escobar was said to be the seventh richest man in the world. And he controlled up to 80% of the world’s cocaine trade. His unbelievable wealth and power were […]

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