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Get a Life! How much is too much church?

How much is too much church?

Several weeks back, Jason Raitz posted this on his Facebook wall: So, I’m curious and need your help. Quite a few people have asked me this question in the past 2 weeks. ‘Is attending church consistently really all that important’? What do you think? I’ve been writing a blog post on this for awhile now, […]

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New video from Praying Pelican Missions

Be the Pelican Pinata

People ask me what makes Praying Pelican Missions different and why I’m a bit of a fanboy? This brand spanking new video helps explain it. Disclosure: Sometimes I do blog for PPM and they are a partner of ours. But, in this case, I’m posting the video because it’s new and does a great job of […]

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Immigration and Youth Ministry

Sad boy

The Problem U.S. Customs and Border Protection estimates that since October 2013, 66,000 children and teenagers have crossed the U.S. border without their parents, most of them from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They’re escaping gangs, street violence, and extreme poverty in their countries and usually coming to meet family members who live here. source A Reasonable […]

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Sabbath So Hard


I talk about the sabbath and I think people freak out because its sounds so hard or is somehow not for you, maybe even some sort of “affluence” thing. But I think one thing that holds people back is the idea that making the Sabbath a personal priority is boring. So here’s a practical look […]

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