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Spectacle: Making things go boom in youth group


At last month’s Summit, Chanon Ross (Director of the Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Seminary) talked about the concept of spectacle as it relates to adolescent culture, literature, and ultimately faith development. Spectacle isn’t something I’d really thought about before Chanon’s talk. I won’t steal his thunder, you can watch it for yourself. Of […]

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Looking for Help in the Wrong Direction


Pastors have an infatuation with the business world. I’m not exactly sure where it comes from but it is unhealthy. Perhaps it’s because church hierarchies tend to favor business people on boards and committees and eventually they give in to the way business people think? Or perhaps it’s kind of an Oedipus or Freudian thing with pastors […]

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A Call for a Better Adult Verification System


“How many of you guys have a cell phone?” [most hands go up] How many of you guys have an account on Instagram or Snapchat?” [nearly the same amount of hands go up] This gymnasium of 4th through 6th graders in Northwest Kansas was just another example of our failed Adult Verification System. “Age gating”– […]

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Don’t Let 1% Win

Don't Let 1% Win

We each have 1% driving us nuts in our lives.  99% of the people in our lives are fine. They are benefited by the work we do, they are positive about us and who we are as people, or they are just neutral and have no opinion about us one way or the other. But we […]

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