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Disrupting Amazon Book Sales


Yesterday, I read this article about how Amazon has small publishers like us by the neck: Amazon Advantage, which I’ve written about before, is the alpha method of selling our books. It puts us squarely in the limelight so that when someone types in the title, we are the first and most visible seller. Click on […]

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Hopecasting by Mark Oestreicher


My partner in crime at the Cartel has a new book coming out. He has something like 70 titles in the youth ministry genre, been the general editor of a couple Bible projects, and is the general editor of our Cartel publishing line. But this is Marko’s very first general audience Christian book. So it stands […]

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Review: Our Last Option


Option 1: I’m right and you’re wrong and that’s that. Option 2: We’re all right in our own opinion and that’s that, let’s just get along anyway. These are the two options most of us see when engaging in our society. You’re either pro-choice or pro-life. You’re either anti-gun or pro-gun ownership. You’re for gay […]

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The Books I Read and the Power of Fear

Life of Pi

I’m not a big book reader. Sure I read a ton every day. But I really struggle to sit down long enough to read a book. I’d rather do something. Kristen pokes fun at me because I had Master and Commander on my nightstand for almost three years before I finally mercifully finished it. Each […]

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