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People of Transition


“Why do you like youth ministry so much? Clearly, you could do other roles in the church?”  I think it’s a conversation so many of us in youth ministry have had repeatedly. In this case, it was a casual conversation with another pastor on our staff while we attended a conference. “I love this time […]

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Get a Life! How much is too much church?

How much is too much church?

Several weeks back, Jason Raitz posted this on his Facebook wall: So, I’m curious and need your help. Quite a few people have asked me this question in the past 2 weeks. ‘Is attending church consistently really all that important’? What do you think? I’ve been writing a blog post on this for awhile now, […]

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Sabbath So Hard


I talk about the sabbath and I think people freak out because its sounds so hard or is somehow not for you, maybe even some sort of “affluence” thing. But I think one thing that holds people back is the idea that making the Sabbath a personal priority is boring. So here’s a practical look […]

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Dog Strollers and Other Dumb Stuff

Dog Strollers and Other Dumb Stuff

There is a woman boarding the plane with a stroller for her dog. Really? — Efrem Smith via Facebook Have you seen dog strollers? It’s a thing. Check out this search on Amazon. There are dog strollers with hundreds of 4 and 5 star ratings. I see them at Lake Murray. There’s a path that’s […]

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