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Be Less Careful

Be Less Careful

“Be careful.”  I say this to my kids all the time. I cringe a little each time I say it. And yet I can’t stop myself. It just happens. Paul jumps up on a banister to slide down 30 feet with concrete in every direction. Be careful! Jackson chases after his 6-year old cousin at Glacier […]

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Can You Vacate?


Vacation – the state of vacating. The suffix turns the verb vacate into a process, state, or condition. The verb vacate comes from the Latin vac?tus, past participle of vac?re, to be empty.  About 8 months ago I read an article by Tim Maurer about his justification of a 10-day vacation instead of a 7 day vacation. Here are his points, all of which hit […]

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The Wisdom of Seasons


This Spring, while we were in Haiti, our team bumped into a young American woman who was visiting Haiti to make a very big life decision. She had met a Haitian man in college, fallen in love, and their relationship had progressed to the point where they were contemplating marriage. (more…)

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Assume the Best in Everyone


Most people are generally good. Stranger danger doesn’t apply, necessarily, to adults. Crime is way down. You grew up in a more dangerous society than your kids. In yesterday’s post, Impending Doom, I shared about a segment of our society whose entire  life narrative is built around the hope they find in a world headed to […]

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