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youth ministry proObservers of YMX and this blog will remember that we recently started “domain farming” a few domain names that aren’t currently registered… but we think would make great websites.

In other words, we bought a bunch of domains hoping that if we marketed them a little, people would pay for them. Well, along the same lines we’ve learned that you can’t just buy the domain and do nothing… sometimes you have to do a little property development.

So, I’ve had that buried in my “dream list” for a couple months. Today I decided to go for it and develop a domain we’ve owned for a long time,
I could not believe that this domain wasn’t owned by someone! It’s a great domain name.

Today I finally took a little time and developed this little property of ours. I installed Joomla, pimped it out with a nice template, did some simple graphic work, wrote a little copy, partnered with a great content delivery system, and voila: Youth Ministry Pro was born.

What is it? Basically, it’s a job board for youth ministry. Sure… there are lots of these… but not very many of them are independently run. Most are tied to a school, denomination, or a publisher. What makes this one different is that we can offer some job finding content, a safe place to post your resume, access to Raising Lazarus, and of course a place for employers to post jobs. (Actually, it’s part of a mega-network of job listings so there is lots of stuff already there!)

The best part is that this new site pretty much runs itself. Other than posting new content (e.g. reprinting from YMX) there isn’t a lot to do with it. That is… unless someone was willing to invest a lot of time and a little bit of money into the project. (Neither are commodities I have.)

And, of course, the domain is still for sale. Now instead of just selling a domain, we’re selling a complete and profitable little business. Interested? Contact me.





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