That’s pretty much how I felt about last night’s MainStreet. In one night we had some of our best stuff and some things we’ll put under our cap as lessons learned.

The kids who came were way more fired up than I’d ever seen. (Obviously this is good from a kid perspective and scary from an adult one.) I think the cold weather had something to do with this as they were running around the auditorium like bees outside the hive. The room was filled with energy before we even began.
Then we got them really excited. I said in the pre-event meeting that my goal was to get everyone engaged and excited in the first five minutes.  So imagine the bee hive… and then stirring them up with dancing, loud music, and silliness.

Then we got them too excited.  About half way through the night we did a skit that was insane with a twist. During the scene I dumped a lot of packing peanuts on the stage (55 gallons) and then at the end of the scene I grabbed a leaf blower and blew about half of those into the audience. It was crazy hilarious, unexpected, and the kids loved it. Unfortunately… this got them a little too excited right at the half way point. The ADD kicked in and it was absolutely nuts from there! (Can you believe we ended the night with a crazy game and cookies?)

The rest of the night was pretty good, just not our best. After every event we do I instantly think of things we did right, things we did wrong, and ways to improve. My mind races for hours through all the details of it. And last nights MainStreet is like that… there were things that were great and things that need to be better.

As this post reveals, my mind is still racing about it and it ended almost 12 hours ago. Yowsers…





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