So, ready for coffee?

In the coming weeks I’ve cleared my schedule a lot so that I can concentrate on two things more than I have in the recent past.

  1. Spend time with parents of Light Force students.
  2. Spend time with Light Force students, with a purpose.

So here’s the deal. If you are a student or a parent and you would like to meet up to talk about Light Force… I want to hear from you. Got gripes? Got ideas? Got wants? Wanna share what’s been going on? Call me, email me, Facebook me, AIM me, whatever it takes… I’m trying to get in contact with you, you try to get in contact with me. Let’s get this bus moving in 2008. Let’s overcome obstacles. Let’s do what we need to do.

One dream I have right now is to have a regular group of people who meet weekly to pray for our students. Nothing would warm my heart more and highlight my weekly calender in “can’t miss red” better than that.





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