Saturday Tunes

saturday tunesEver wonder what pastor’s do on the Saturday before Easter? I can’t speak for Bob but I know I’m finalizing a lot of little details for Easter. At 10:00 I’m headed over to the church for band practice. I’ve got 90% of the stuff done, but I need to finalize all of the baptism videos. (Shot all but one yesterday) So from now until then I’ll be relaxing, listening to some tunes.

Here are the next 10 songs rocking my ear drums. As always, this is totally random and my ratings are included.

  1. Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle & Sabastian *****
  2. One by U2 *****
  3. Unveil by Jeff Deyo **
  4. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor *****
  5. Not to Us by Chris Tomlin ****
  6. Thou Swell by Natalie Cole ****
  7. What Do I Know of Holy by Addison Road ****
  8. 18th Symphony, e flat major by J.S. Bach ****
  9. Nothing Gold Can Stay by Jason Harwell ****
  10. People by Jon McLaughlin ****

I’d love to see what your next 10 are! Saturday is a good day for sharing.


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  1. lisabee Avatar

    Even though it is no longer Saturday, I am in the procrastinating mood (still… oops…) I think I’ll share mine. Although I don’t rate mine… Don’t be mad…
    1) Fresher Than a Night at the W by TOBYMAC
    2) I Luv It by Young Jeezy (don’t hate lol)
    3) Heart of Worship by Matt Redman
    4) Liquid Dreams by O-town
    5) This Everyday Love by Rascal Flatts
    6) Be Near by Shane Barnard (from the SPIN albums… lol good times…)
    7) Blurry by Puddle of Mudd
    8) Unchangeable by ?? (another SPIN song…)
    9) We Will Become Silhouettes- The Postal Service
    [cheating and skipping my actual 10 because i have no idea what it’s called or anything. and it doesn’t have any words. just noises… ]
    10) Real Good Man by Tim McGraw

    Well… that was kinda embarassing…

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Get back to work!

    Seriously, you need to come over so you can pick up some new tunes. You don’t have to be ashamed… you know you’ve got some boy band action in there.

  3. Autumn Avatar

    I decided to join lisa in the procrastination movement…so here we go…

    1) On Our Side-Chris Tomlin
    2) I Cry Out- Barlow Girl
    3) So Small- Carrie Underwood
    4) Hold On- Jonas Brothers
    5) Satellite- Dave Matthews
    6) Clothes- Barlow Girl
    7) You Led Me- Barlow Girl
    8) Stupid Boy- Keith Urban
    9) Best of Both Worlds- Hannah Montana
    10) Summertime- Kenny Chesney

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